Roachzilla King of Monsters

Roachzilla is a custom kaiju (Giant Monster) created for board games, specifically created for King of Tokyo, for personal play

Roachzilla is not an official KoT or KoNY monster and it´s not aimed to gain any money.

Roachzilla Concept

Roachzilla began life as a joke out of coward playthrus of videogames with a friend, we would hide in nooks and crannies to avoid other players and reach the end of games still alive, we started calling ourselves "The Roach Warriors" cause we would "crawl" all the way to victory (or crawl all the way to a beating by the winners)

After some games of KoT I found myself really enjoying the game, always been a fan of kaiju and mechas, so we decided to create monsters for ourselves, one of those was a Roach Warrior

The Roach Warrior idea didnt work well, started with Roachzilla looking more like a samurai and not at all like a kaiju, much less the King of Monsters...

First idea was scrapped and I came up with a bad pun on Godzillas name, making the first Roachzilla King of Monsters digital sketch.

Roachzilla Process

This was the process of giving the first sketch some color (Click on images to view full size)